Sex on The Beach

We went up the beach to the towels, now warm from the sunshine, and lay down together, kissing and cuddling. We were both incredibly horny. We played for hours, licking (chocolate mousse tastes delicious licked from a nipple), sucking, stroking, until at last I slid into her, unable to hold back any longer. Feeling the sunshine and the breeze on my back and on my arse, knowing we could be caught at any time, tipped me over the edge, and I came, pumping my jism into her, pumping, cock twitching over and over again, as I came, saying her name and groaning as I emptied my balls into her. A few minutes later, the first of a long parade of walkers passed by below us, glancing at us. I wonder if he knew. I expect he guessed, by the smile on his face. Perhaps we should have invited him to join us.